Trump’s Delusions Grow

How delusional is President Donald J. Trump? With the president’s daily Twitter rants continuing unabated, the offering Trump provided his followers with this morning is every bit as unhinged as previous Twitter tantrums.

This morning, in yet another baseless attack on mainstream media, Trump continued to prove he is no friend of legitimate news organisations.

It’s funny how the president loves Fox News, the only real “fake news” network, but does no lump the right-wing channel in with his attacks on legitimate news providers such as CNN and MSNBC.

Trump tweets, “Fake News, of which there is soooo much (this time the very tired New Yorker) falsely reported that I was going to take the extraordinary step of denying Intelligence Briefings to President Obama. Never discussed or thought of!”

For anyone that has continuously absorbed the fake output that Fox News has presented daily to brainwashed viewers, the right-wing content is normal. It really isn’t.

Trump is using the office of the presidency to legitimise racism on an epic scale.

Even though the president has tweeted he is “sorry to have to reiterate that there are serious and unpleasant consequences to crossing the Border into the United States ILLEGALLY!,” there is no apologetic born in his entire body.

There should be “serious consequences” for everything people do “ILLEGALLY,” even behave unconstitutionally. While Trump observes “our country would be overrun with people trying to get in,” people with a similar mindset to that of the president fail to recognise Native Tribes had their lands “overrun” be European invaders.

Trump argues “A Blue Wave means Crime and Open Borders. A Red Wave means Safety and Strength!”

In reality, “A Red Wave” is a bloodbath for civil rights and anyone wanting to maintain those rights.

The only time people like Trump believe in free speech is when they are the ones expressing their thoughts. They fail to recognise all Americans have a right to free speech. It’s not just conservatives.

Various people have suggested former CIA Director John Brennan should be held to a higher free speech standard simply because of the position he held at the mentioned intelligence agency. That’s not how free speech works in these United States. In the exact same way as other Americans, Brennan has every bit as much right to express his thoughts openly. This did not stop the president from unloading on the former intelligence agency director.

In a comment tweeted this morning, Trump argued Brennan had “gone totally off the rails.”

From the way in which the president tweets, there is no evidence to suggest the president had any “rails” of his own. His unhinged tweeting, coupled with various telephone appearances on Fox News, have made the president a laughing stock for comedians to poke fun at on a nightly basis.

Trump brought his Tuesday morning rant to a close with a tweet announcing yet another Nuremberg style rally reminiscent of the ones the Nazi Party held in Germany from 1923 to 1938.

The president tweeted, “Big Rally tonight in West Virginia. Patrick Morrisey is running a GREAT race for U.S. Senate. I have done so much for West Virginia, against all odds, and having Patrick, a real fighter, by my side, would make things so much easier. See you later. CLEAN COAL!!!!”

Trump writes he “has done so much for West Virginia, against all odds, …” The reality is, like his rallies, much of what the president is doing is rehashing arcane viewpoints. Like many Republicans, Trump doesn’t accept the findings of the scientific community.

“CLEAN COAL” sounds every bit as moronic as Trump. To Republicans, it doesn’t matter that continued use of such fossil fuels as coal is detrimental to the environment because all that matters to these people is the ability to maintain and grow their wealth.