My Top Picks For Travel Gadgets and Gear


The first item was a good camera.

Of course, I intended on taking pictures, but I wanted GOOD pictures and not just ‘pictures’. Investing in a good camera was not a bad idea, and I can always replace it the next few years down the road.

I did plenty of research and read lots of views and finally settled on one that is perfect if:

  • You are not a PRO Photographer
  • You like simplicity, yet want one that will take good quality pictures
  • ‘Point and Shoot’ is your photographing technique
  • You don’t want a big, bulky camera

The Canon Powershot G16 was my pick, and it takes excellent, high-quality pictures, without having to push several buttons, change settings, and all that complicated stuff. On the plus side, if you are a computer techie person, the camera also connects to Wi-Fi and you can wirelessly print your photos and connect to other devices such as tablets and laptops.

I also ordered a Protective Dark Brown Leather Camera Case for it, to give it an old-fashioned, authentic look and for ease when carrying it around. And if things couldn’t get any better, my order came with a free 32GB SD Card! :)

Another Item that I believed would be very useful is a Tablet, IPad, or some other similar device.

I wanted something compact to carry around, that could take the place of my laptop if needed. I consulted a good friend of mine, and he finally suggested the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. If any of the below qualities fit you, then this tablet is perfect, and I highly recommend it!

  • You do a lot, (I mean A LOT) with Google!
  • You like to edit your pictures and do other art/photography related programs
  • You are a writer/freelancer/blogger and Microsoft Word is one of your favorite programs.
  • You want a good camera on your tablet (not like a super great camera, but a good one)
  • You like Android
  • You want something with great battery life

My tablet is White, 10in, 16GB, Portrait view, with 11 hours of battery life (constant use, mine will last about 3–5 days on one charge because I’m not always using it.) The screen has fantastic quality, and there are a lot of cool apps in the Google Play Store. It has taken the picture above with my camera and including this one below, so the camera really isn’t horrible at all.

Extra plus: This tablet connects to my new Canon Camera (above), so I can view my pictures on the tablet if I want to.

A couple great items to think about are the Travelon Anti-Theft Bag and the Pacsafe Luggage Neck Pouch.

Italy is known for their pickpockets, scams, and thefts. These bags are perfect, sleek, excellent quality, and don’t take up a lot of space at all. Pretty much self-explanatory why you should get them. The Anti-Theft Bag (shown below next to my bag and camera case) has an RFID blocking card slots so people can’t scan your cards and the neck pouch can be worn under your clothes or outside at your side.

And those are my top picks for you travelers out there that are new to this like I am! I leave to Italy Saturday!

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