Global FoodTech Netherlands 2017.

Global FoodTech is a worldwide tour to dive into the best of Food + Ag Tech innovations. Check out our trips

The Global FoodTech Netherlands 2017 will pair with FoodBytes!, the 2017 edition of F&A Next and the FoodValley Holland.

FoodBytes! is the San Francisco pitching format for matching innovative and ground-breaking concepts in food and agriculture with the capital needed to bring it to market.

F&A Next will focus on the dynamics in agriculture and the gradual shift to ‘smart’ farming, addressing the requirements of global farmers, innovators and investors.

Food Valley NL delivers opportunities and inside knowledge for agri and food business.

Join investors, farmers, food & agribusiness executives and opinion leaders for 3 day to dive into the best of Food + Ag Innovation.

May 17 : The San Francisco originated pitching concept FoodBytes! by Rabobank comes to Europe.

One of the initiatives developed by Rabobank, that seeks to promote and facilitate these connections, is FoodBytes!, a series of transformational events in the food, agribusiness, and technology space.

These events are designed to connect food industry leaders and investors with startup companies that are innovating and disrupting the food chain with groundbreaking ideas in food, agribusiness and technology.

Since FoodBytes launched in February 2015, more than 750 companies from 19 countries have applied to pitch to over 1,000 event attendees.

May 18 : F&A Next - Food and agri themes relevant for investors, start-ups, corporates and farmers.

F&A Next is Europe’s premiere summit about innovation in food and agriculture.

F&A Next aims to be a permanent platform connecting food and agriculture start-ups to investors, serving as a springboard to greater innovation and a better deal for all.

In 2016 F&A Next gathered some 150 start-ups, over 110 investors and 70 corporates from all over the world.

May 19 : FoodValley NL, Wageningen University & Research - Boosting research and innovation in Food.

1/ Food & Biobased Research

Food & Biobased Research is part of Wageningen University & Research , with the aim to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life. Our researchers have direct access to the latest scientific findings and have a firm grasp of what modern technology offers. Making smart connections between various disciplines, we investigate and develop at all stages: upscaling from lab to pilot and from initial idea to the production processes that deliver real products for our customers. To fulfill our promise, we ensure that the solutions we create are applicable in daily practice.

2/ Restaurant of the Future

Restaurant of the Future is a unique blend of research and practice aimed at something as common as eating and drinking. A one of a kind initiative of Wageningen UR, in cooperation with Sodexo, Noldus IT and Kampri Group.

The Restaurant of the Future is not just a place to experiment with new food products, preparation methods and self-service systems, but also a facility allowing close observation of consumer eating and drinking behaviour.

3/ StartLife Accelerator

StartLife is a thriving community that consists of more than 170 startups. StartLife supports entrepreneurs and their teams as they develop innovative business ideas into global enterprises with a lasting impact. Scroll down to learn what StartLife has to offer and to meet our community.

The StartLife Incubation Programme is a three-stage process that helps design a solid business plan, understand your customers, and become investor ready. To complement, StartLife organises workshops and events that improve the competences of startup teams.

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