Like all of the other Pakistani fellows i know three languages; Punjabi,Urdu and English.Apart from that I am very keen to learn Arabic language.This language attracts me the most to learn and be able to communicate in it.

Arabic language is world wide spoken by 420 million people.It is world’s 6th most spoken language and above all it is the language of Quran-e-Majeed.All the Ahadees and Quranic verses are in Arabic.So by learning this language i will be able to understand Quran-e-Majeed in a better way.

I was feeling clueless about where should i start learning this language or from which stage i should start.Moreover i was being lazy considering that i needed a special coach or teacher to start learning this language and i could never learn on my own.There are academies teaching Arabic language but
the fee they charge is not affordable.Apart from that it takes a lot of your time to learn grammar and vocabulary of a new language so i was scared that i would not be able to dedicate enough time for it.

Three basic tasks i identified to initiate my project are
1)Get the notes containing Vocabulary and basic grammar rules.
2)Dedicate at least an hour daily to learn and memorize the basic grammar rules and vocabulary.
3)Practice it with a fellow who understands Arabic language.

A friend of mine has joined an Arabic language teaching academy for last 4 months.I visited him to get notes of basic grammar rules with vocabulary and learned the first two lessons from those notes.It’s always a tiresome process to start learning a new language but i was able to memorize all the words in first lesson within one hour.The main challenge in doing this task is to allocate time for it on daily basis, whether you have free time or not,you got to allocate time for it.

This was a motivating lesson for me in the perspective that if i want to achieve any goal in my life, i just need to start it and take the initiative.God helps those who help themselves.First steps are always smaller but you got to believe in yourself and keep working hard.To be done,every project first needs to be started, so take initiative in every constructive activity,no matter how small it could be.

The next step regarding my project is that i will keep learning the grammar rules and practice speaking Arabic with my friends and also the fellows from Arab countries studying in my university.

Activity No.2:

Edhi sahab’s father used to say about maulanas of that time that they show us their own picture of Islam so as to maintain a tight grip on authority.They keep people ill informed so people never gain independence in their faith and remain frightened and confused.Maulanas commit people to islam but shackle them to themselves.

These words by his father encouraged edhi sahab not to rely just on the words of other people but to be a self learner and find the true meanings of life by himself. Edhi sahab’s friends used to tell him to drop the idea of building hospitals,making a factory to train and employ the poor and building a village for the handicapped but he did not listen to others and kept saying to himself “start small,start from the lowest rung” , and now the whole world sees him as a mentor.

I chose specifically this example because it equally relates to my “learning the Arabic language” project. I also want to learn Islam and Hadith by myself and do not want to rely on mullaas of this time to explain the meanings of jihad to me.I have started learning this language by starting small;learning just the basic grammar rules and vocabulary on daily basis.

Other people can also learn from this example that you should not believe in what others tell you to believe in. If you want to learn about your religion learn it by yourself and never rely just on mullaas of your ‘muhalla’ 
instead strive to learn by yourself,do what you want to do in your life.If you don’t have enough resources then start small but be consistent.

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