What is the best platform for blogging?

I am a new blogger. Before started my blogging journey,i was very confuse that which blogging platform should I choose?

I have started researching but no solution. It makes me more confuse. I have come to know that, Blogger and WordPress is the worlds most popular blogging platform. I decided to choose one of them, but which one?

A lot of people and my friends too, tell me to choose WordPress because WordPress has all latest features. In the other hand I have analyzed about blogger. I found many positive side of Blogger too.

Through these analyze, I have written written an article for comparing Blogger And WordPress. If you see my comparison then check out my article on Blogger VS WordPress.

Although I believe that WordPress has more feature for smooth blogging but I can not give less priority to Blogger. You can find why in my article and I hope you will like it. Thank you.