Growth Doesn’t Start With Experiments.
Geoff Daigle

“Sometime in the future, when you have spent hours doing your best work, you’ll find an email in your inbox from the CEO with a chart attached.

“That chart goes up and to the right.”

I guess I’d better thank you in advance, then, Geoff. This is so much more scientific than picking something new to try… I think most of us usually do experiment with what makes the most sense for our circumstances or those of our clients, and then do our best when it comes to the measurements and testing, but the foundation is still a supposition based on external data. We may be happy with the results or not, and still, the whys of it all are open-ended.

Your formula is closed — all the suppositions and all the data are in the same room with us, not wired in from random sources. Thank you.

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