Asian and Arabs — no friends of Muhammad Ali
Khalil Yusuf Charles

Muhammad Ali was more than just “black”, a term coined by the same colonial mentality he was trying so hard to shake off. Let’s not fall into the Divide & Rule tactics of the colonizer. Asians and Arabs are also learning to decolonize their minds: they find strength from Muhammad Ali’s ability to speak with conviction against colonial oppression.

Just as Africa isn’t a country nor is Asia, so in India for example, race issues have been evident since the Dravidian races (generally darker-skinned) fought against Aryans (generally lighter-skinned foreigners), a millennia old fight still going on to this day. So it’s not all simply black and white and based purely on trajectories from the “global west”; people are not one-dimensional as the colonizers might want them to seem.

Also, the world does not have to be all mixed race in order to stamp out racism or to even prove itself worthy: it’s respect and understanding of other racial groups, sharing of global wealth and natural resources that breaks fear and diminishes prejudices and leads towards hope and coexistence. Sorry to say but colonizers don’t want that vision either, so why not, the next time start by criticizing from their vantage point ?

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