Audio Video Translation- Helping Entertainment and Business Crossing Boundaries

Art has no boundaries; it speaks the language of creativity that appeals to every individual. Like business, entertainment too has been using translation services help to cross boundaries and reach more audience. Today, entertainment has reached every individual who has a specific taste of music or movies. Cinema, like a business domain, has reached worldwide without having any boundary. An Indian can now watch a French or Italian movie having a subtitle in English. Similarly, the French and Italian audience can watch Indian or any other overseas language movie with the help of subtitle. India and US industry has grown tremendously in terms of the entertainment business and fetches more than 1000 crores every year. Entertainment business has a wide audience, irrespective of language. To reach the native audience, entertainment companies are using the help of translation services that offers complete subtitling or voice over services.

If we talk about business, you’ve seen any business videos of a French company; you’ll find that they have separate subtitles or voice over to make the second language audience to understand. This certainly allows businesses to reach a wider segment of clients globally. This is what the entertainment industry has done since ages. Indian movies, especially regional movies that are screened in front of global audience are translated to seamlessly to capture the attention of the audience.

Streaming Giants joining hands with Translation Services

Today, the audience has enough options to watch their favorite movies and web series. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar streams movies and web series from all over the world using subtitles to meet the need of audience from other countries. Many popular American TV series are subtitled for the audience to understand the dialogues more clearly. Subtitling services are in great demand because streaming giants and even business houses are translating their videos exclusive for every type of audience across the border.

Adaptation of Translation in Entertainment:

One of the challenges for the entertainment industry is to find the right translation and a subtitle providing company. The creators have to think with a global perspective and their native language. Moreover, the industry runs in tight schedule to play the episodes on a timely basis. So having a professional translation service is much more important that can translate the video on or before the deadline.

Entertainment going global not only helps the content to reach a wider audience, but is also economically beneficial. Many Hollywood movies are enjoying a good box-office collection in Indian market. Similarly, Indian movies, especially some regional content have a good market overseas. Dangal, the latest Bollywood movie did a fabulous box-office collection in China. It earned approx Rs 1,200 crore in China alone. Translation or subtitle plays a major role in taking the content overseas.

Subtitling Service for Business Content:

As mentioned above, like the entertainment industry, business too has needs subtitling services and translation services. A finely made video content with native language won’t reach its target audience if doesn’t have the subtitle. Today, almost every video you watch on YouTube carries sub-titles helping the audience to understand the video in a crisp manner. Video translation can be really helpful for the business to demonstrate the product. In fact, subtitling the video is an affordable feature that can help the business to save a lot of money.

Let us check how subtitling can beneficial for businesses:

  • It’s Affordable and Less Time Consuming:

Not all translations and subtitling services will cost huge package. It is a smart idea to connect with subtitling services that can offer budget-friendly result consistently. If your product is designed for different language segment, then conveying the message becomes easy through engaging subtitles. In addition to this, having a voice-over will be much more helpful to keep the audience engaging. Voice over services ensures that the tone and the language meet the audience specific to the language.

  • Useful for SEO Strategy:

Some business houses use promotional videos on the website with strategically optimizing it. Moreover, these videos are also posted on YouTube and other video channels and optimized with right keywords and titles. This makes easier for your video to get properly ranked in search engine and draw more traffic. Translation services help in optimizing the videos by researching the keywords that fits best with the content and product theme.

  • Getting Proper Guidance from Translation Services:

Companies that offer audio translation or subtitling services are backed by experts who offer right guidance to prepare the video content that can interact with customers. Associating with leading translation services, you’ll get a proper grip over the process and makes you equipped for future projects.

Video Content- A Powerful Medium of Promotion:

Video marketing is the most important promotional tool used by businesses globally. In the age of social media, video content grabs the eyeballs of the audience, compared to text content. Social media is the major platform that helps the video to get viral, which eventually leads to the sale. If the content and product belongs to any second language, apart from English, subtitle plays a major role to post on YouTube and share on social media.

Being the cost-effective method, audio-video translation can be much more appealing and creates awareness among the target audience.


Both entertainment industry and business sector have been benefiting with translation services. Shakti Enterprises, one of the leading translation services in Mumbai have been offering audio translation to voice over services for business globally. Whether, your company deals with e-learning service or entertainment video creation, Shakti Enterprises is your answer for all kinds of translation services. With the use of right resources and technology, the company ensures that the language matches the mood, content and captures the attention of the audience.