Inside out

They say you should love yourself more. Respect yourself more. See yourself in the brighter light more. Be confident and such. Why so? So that you don’t get swallowed by the ocean of self-pity and loathing. Fair enough. But what they often forget to mention is the limit. Or for how long are we supposed to do that? The way i look at things today, the problem isn’t our lack of love for ourselves but for others. We love ourselves more than enough. And this applies not just to the ones who take solace in the fact that mirrors exist. It has nothing to do with narcissism. The mere fact that we are able to forgive ourselves for the millions of mistakes that we commit while even one error from others rile us up is a sign of misplaced priority. If you ask me, we can find in others what we aren’t able to find in ourselves. Love, included.