What’s next? Evaporation

Where does creativity come from? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter where it goes though because it’s difficult to track it on a timeline. After a while, everything becomes a derivative of a derivative of a derivative. Every second theory ends up as a deduction and the core of an idea gives rise to several idealets (yes, i love coining words which nobody will use, including me). Take for instance, fire. The discovery of fire is attributed to man (for some reason, they can’t imagine a woman making such a remarkable discovery) but how many today know how to create fire with stones. Wasn’t that the original script being the greatest human discovery of all time? Looks like the idea quickly moved from the discovery of fire to the invention of fire. And here we are today, lighting one another’s cigarettes with burning cigarette and not to forget, destroying our planet by burning oil. One day at a time, out of sheer respect.

The point being creativity moves like a river but just before entering the ocean, it tries to stay unique by creating ripples on the banks. A river can’t and shouldn’t fear about losing its identity. It’s part of a perpetual process. Something the ideators and the so-called creative folks should consider while asking themselves why exactly do they do what they do. Because there is this fear of entering the ocean and becoming worthless. Doubts like “what if i stopped coming up with ideas tomorrow?” are a strong indicator of a healthy mind but we are missing the point here. It won’t make a huge difference to your creative reflexes if you stop coming up with ideas tomorrow. You’ll continue to breathe and function as usual. Your bigger worry should be “what will happen if i managed to find solace in not coming up with ideas tomorrow?” given how deductive ideas are nowadays.