Casual hookup hacks

I live in a place where casual sex isn’t so casual. It comes as a shock to men when I act forward, to the point of suspicion. It can be pretty darn frustrating for a woman on the loose looking for interesting, smart, funny guys to hook up with.

But, you live and learn. I’ve developed my own set of tricks and hacks. Here’s some of them (in that order):

  1. Inebriation as an excuse for loss of control (make the guy feel you are losing control)
  2. Praise the guy liberally. Play on the ego.
  3. Few, well placed dirty words.
  4. Talk about a hook up story — not too graphic. Bitch on whatever the other guy was not.
  5. Use the hair. Playing it back, trying it back and working it while talking.
  6. Accidental contact (inebriation helps). Thighs are great.
  7. A little friendly domination — not too dominating, though.
  8. Come up with a nick name for the night. Ideally, work it through the interaction.
  9. Keep it moving. Surprise works well. Don’t make the night predictable.
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