Hell if not for desire

Oh dear, my prison is on fire.

It’s on fire!


Oh Woman!

My heart is stuck though.

Caught in the prison.

Of desire. Raging with fire.


They say fight fire with fire.

Wanna help me?

My eyes are burning with the flames of desire.

Let’s fight fire with fire.

Flame my desires with yours.

Oh god, the heat.

A hard man brings friction

Sparks will fly when we brush


Come before the blaze dies

Time will freeze despite the flames

Come like the sun

Let’s fuse

Oh, ummmmm….

I am burning, burning, burning…

Oh god, its hot

My heart’s in the prison of my desires

Bring your blaze to put out mine

Ah, uummmm…

Fire eviscerates matter

But the blaze of desire doesn’t dwindle

Please enlighten me about it

Come here…

My passion is lighting up my soul

Let’s make light, come

Aah, ummmmmm…

Let’s create a pyre

Let’s fill it with desire

Let’s make the pyre an inferno

It’s hell if not for all the pleasure

Its burning.

So hot