An Open Letter to Yann LeCun — Small Data requires Specialized Deep Learning

Shalini Ananda
Feb 24, 2015 · 4 min read
Our visualization of the how the size of data corresponds to the appropriate Deep Learning approach and what industries fall into it.

Specialized Deep Learning is already being used outside of Facebook and Google

Deep Learning as a technique began in cognitive science and is increasingly gaining momentum in the fields of medicine (eg. radiology), physics and materials research. The reason for this is that Deep Learning can generate insights faster and lead to into product innovation or diagnosis rather rapidly. A lot of these researchers tend towards Deep Learning to mitigate the limitations presented by other machine learning techniques.

Specialized Deep Learning will be the future standard

On a grander note, fields that require Specialized Deep Learning will soon gather more data. When Specialized Deep Learning is applied across Big Data (greater than 1 petabyte) I imagine we’d be able to glean insights previously unthinkable, such as generating psychological traits from a person’s genetic profile very precisely.

    Shalini Ananda

    Written by

    Founder of Alchemy*, Co-Founder of CRIXLabs, Mathematician with a focus on deep learning and computational chemistry. Co-inventor on commerical A.I. products

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