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Shalom Dickson
Jun 26, 2017 · 3 min read


As a Solutionist, I would like to believe that the problems we are concerned about — genuinely concerned about — are burdens we ought to take out tactically, not toss off our shoulders. This means we should always look to solve the puzzle — how we can utilize the tools around us, bring truly passionate people together, seek the help of external partners and solve the silly problem. I advocate and champion local action. It’s easier to neglect the local issues and face external challenges which we are not a part of. It takes more bravery — if you may, to face the ‘monsters’ within.


It takes just a moment’s decision to go from being a complainer to a campaigner. Let’s look at this piece worth the read from my own persona; experience on taking local and necessary action. (I originally shared this in a Facebook post for my friends last year).

[December 30th, 2016]:

Our Greatest Accomplishment This Year “…I don’t know how important this is to you but it means a lot to me. It’s just like you brought light into my dark world”. The heart-piercing words of one of our friends who would be participating in our Community Farming program next year. EVERY NIGERIAN WITH AN EDUCATION would say “one way to improve our economy is to invest in agriculture”. It is then an unfortunate case how very little is done by most of us to move in this direction. As a social innovator in 2016, it is natural to want to develop cool software and hardware technology. It is very easy to overlook the need to devise inventive yet simple solutions in very basic sectors like agriculture, waste management and housing. WE LIKE TO BUILD COOL THINGS too but we live to solve problems. This is why among others, our community development project was important. Over the next months, with the help of our loving friends, we would be working to make communities better through our programs which involve management of Municipal Solid Waste and of course our Community Farm while we ‘edu-train’ members of the communities in these areas.

Project Members In Hangout Meeting With Our Community Friends

IT’S AMAZING HOW MANY passionate young people have stepped forward to join our dedicated team. If you think young Nigerians are not doing anything positive to grow Nigeria, I wonder what Nigeria you’re talking about. THIS YEAR; WE DIDN’T win any awards. We spent just as much as we made… but this year, if all we achieved was to make a brilliant young man feel like light has been brought into his “dark world”, somehow, we won. AS SOMEONE WHO IS already doing so, I’m encouraging you to double your effort to make a difference in your society, and in your own capacity, save the world. #internovent


It’s easier to neglect the local issues and face external challenges which we are not a part of. It takes braver — if you may, to look within. Let more and more of us wake up to solve our hunger problems. Bring in that knowledge of Chemistry, of Physics, of Math, your ‘people skills’, your ‘street smarts, your ‘swagger’, your passion for art, let’s apply them in solving our water problem. Our waste management problem. Our electricity problem. Our malaria problem. The ready-made jobs — they don’t exist anymore… not for the most of us at least. We have to tailor our own garments, and we’ll knit the fabric ourselves too if we have to.

The CommuniFactory Project is still ongoing development and seeking investment partners who share our vision in building stronger communities. We have secured farmlands and a well structured model for our program in the Isumba community, Ogun State. Our mission is to help build stronger communities for us all. So… what’s your plan?

For more info on the CommuniFactory Project, visit

- Shalom Dickson

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CEO and Lead Ideas Developer at INTERNOVENT Ltd.

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Shalom Dickson

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