The Role of Technology in Economic Development

Shalom Dickson
Aug 20, 2019 · 1 min read

On the 16th of August, I was hosted by Teniola Shobowale on the African Tech segment of Network Africa, which aired live on Channels Television and shared my thoughts on the role of technology in Nigeria’s economic development.

The conversation started with an explanation of what powers technology innovation in Nigeria and I explained that people are at the center of the driving force for technology innovation, while also noting the role of funding in all of this.

Also, the conversation moved to identifying the differences between SMEs and Startups, the role of investors in testing the success rate of startups and the innovative ideas they come up with and the need for more angel investors who are properly educated in the startup structure and are willing to put in funds to see to the growth of innovative startups in the country.

I referenced the secret sauce to technology startups in Silicon Valley and pointed out ways Nigeria can emulate this and capped the conversation with a forecast of the future of technology in Nigeria.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can watch the video on YouTube

Shalom Dickson

Solutionist, Free-Learner, Multifunctional Creative, Decipherer of the Universe, Perpetual Thinker, Lover of Truth, Innovator, World Citizen; Black Swan.

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