How To Be Overly Stressed

In life:

  1. Don’t wear sunscreen or bug repellent. Pain and itching later are fine.
  2. Don’t pack your suitcase and print your boarding pass in advance. Running through the airport is exhilarating.
  3. Don’t turn the stove off when you’re done cooking. You might not have a house fire.

In business:

  1. Don’t renew your website hosting plan in advance. It’s fun to get emails saying your site is down.
  2. Don’t take the time to trademark your business and product names. If someone wants to use them more than you do, you can re-do your branding.
  3. Don’t create boundaries and structure. Constantly reacting is a great way to operate.

Sure, there are times when the unexpected happens.

But most of the time… “stressed” is a choice.