Slay your Selling Fears and Make More Money

When most women hear the word “Selling” their minds go straight to all of the stigma they have learned. They can think of a million reasons why not to sell or make a

n offer. The truth is fear is the only gremlin stopping them from slaying crushing their goals and making big money sales. Blinded with the fear of seeming too pushy or needy, most women back off from asking for more money — even when they know it’s worth it.

Lean in love, I’ve got a not-so-secret secret to share. Selling is the only way that you, powerhouse business woman, can create serious money. See, money is an energy and you must command it to you rather than backing away from asking for cash in exchange for the value you bring to the table.

One of the lessons I teach in my programs is that sales takes courage. The sneaky hidden fear that have you second guessing yourself, discounting your rates, and often not even making an offer or asking for the business is nothing more than an illusion., and is something you must deal with head on. There are several reasons why you have not sold your $5k or $10k Program!

What do you think the #1 reason is, why your offer isn’t selling and why you are trapped in the fear?

The fear of “they’re going to think I’m money hungry”, “I’m not qualified known, or experienced enough”. The fear of “What if they say no” or “Who’s going to pay ME that much”.

No matter how experienced or talented you are, the number one reason is this simple yet incredibly powerful belief: Under The surface you don’t think you are enough.

To the outside world, it looks like you are killing it! But, deep down, you know you aren’t accomplishing anywhere near what you’re capable of… and these limiting beliefs are eating away at your certainty, confidence, and courage to go after the clients and income you really desire.

Look at your program today. Do you have the courage to ask for and command $10,000 or more? Ok! Let me break down the reasons why your program has not sold at the higher price point.

Here is the #1 reason why you can’t ask for more money.

There is a pattern. No matter what level you are at in business, if this is resonating with you, there is one area that you need to work on. That word is belief. The truth is not only are your beliefs are impacting your courage, confidence, but also your self-esteem. When you realize this, everything will fall in place. Your power is in having the courage to change your beliefs.

The core problem I see is that most of the. Stuckness, second guessing yourself and undervaluing your work has nothing to do with sales strategies, or tactics, or scripts. The beliefs are all that holds you back from creating more impact, income, and your legacy.

Sales is simply a mirror and a tool to guide in shifting the beliefs that hold you back. Success is waiting for you, it has your name on it. Slay your goals this years and stop fearing your own power. Command more sales. Command higher rates. Command quality clients. The time is now!

What are limiting beliefs?

If I ask for $10k or $20k I will get laughed at. If I ask for this much money, I am asking for too much. If I ask for this much money, someone will think badly of me. I am not experienced enough to charge that much. What if they don’t get results? People need to experience a taste of my work first and then I can charge a higher rate.

Do you see how these beliefs have held you back? On the outside, you are confident but inside of you there is a battle for your belief.

Are you ready to own your ambition?

  1. You must see that you want to make big money. Say the words. I want to have money. I own this Desire.
  2. You must accept real life truths that you can change your belief. You must believe that your beliefs can change. You must understand that there are surface beliefs and deep unconscious beliefs. Continually work to keep them in alignment with your true desires.
  3. You must own the fact that money is energy. When you have more money, you can do more good.

When you live in doubt, you invite partners that aren’t right, you trust others to have a voice bigger than your own and when things fail in business, you take it as personal failure and your courage shrinks to your level of self-belief.

Be aware of your thoughts and beware of your thoughts. Give yourself permission to live a big life. Step into who you were meant to be. STOP playing small. Kick fear to the curb. No more undervaluing your work. No more shrinking back from asking for the sale.

No more asking for permission.

No more waiting on an invitation.

It’s time to break out of fear-driven smallness.

Trust yourself and know this… When you decide to rise, there’s NOTHING anyone can do about it.

P.S. If the thought of raising your rates and asking for sales more often is still freaking you out, and you’d like to increase your confidence to sell your services for $5,000 or even $10,000 or more apply for a complimentary breakthrough session with me