Be the person you want to attract

If people cannot connect or resonate with you, guess what? They won’t WANT TO work with you UNLESS they really don’t have a better choice and they urgently need their problem solved.

When customers have to RESORT to you, what you won’t get though that is loyalty or genuine long term fans!

When you try to be someone you are not, you may think you are doing a great cover up but those you have the receptivity, will SMELL THAT… they may not even know what it is…but at some level they will experience resistance and confusion and a CONFUSED MIND ALWAYS SAYS NO.

You know that feeling you get sometimes….’I’m not quite sure what it is…but something is not right’… well… when you PRETEND or put up a front or HOLD BACK in showing your full self, that is how people will feel about you.

Ultimately, no matter what, you will attract people who are a lot like you or resonate with YOU before WHAT YOU DO.

I spoke to a team member yesterday and she said …Shamoni I bought into you FIRST before your vision.

What is also important to understand is…. NOT EVERYONE WILL RESONATE WITH YOU or will want to work with you.

And guess what? Do you want anybody and everybody in your TRIBE?


That is why you must be ABSOLUTELY AUTHENTIC and BE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO ATTRACT because then naturally you will find the RIGHT PEOPLE who you would love to have around you and genuinely would find pleasure in serving will start to feel drawn and attracted to you!

This month at PMV Tribe event on 31st March, the topic is on‪ authenticity‬ and allowing yourself to be FULLY SEEN by others … especially the people you serve: YOUR TRIBE

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