Day 3 3/15/17

So this time change has totally messed with my head and I’m super tired, but I’ll squeeze something out before bed :p I’m a stranger to everyone, but I don’t feel like one? I feel almost as if every ones family? As in I can relate on a personal level or that I genuinely care? If you need an ear, I’m there. If you need help, again I got you. Just no one likes other people anymore. There’s just tiny groups secluded by themselves. There is no exchange of ideas or opinions anymore, just the reinforcements of ideas you already believe from your small group of like minded people. I’m not an anthropologist or historian but from what I remember from school societies grew the most as a whole the more social we were. Not the you have to be social for work or appearances but when we looked to other people for relationships for simply that. A relationship with another human being.

Orchids from Florida :)
Passion Flowers I planted in Florida :) Wish I had a picture of the whole wall.