Hi Brandon…..this

Yea I just have always had opportunities to travel to SE Asia because I have family in Malaysia. I would totally love to one day travel South America its just I guess I’m very comfortable with SE Asia. Kind of a second home? For South America to find the places I want to travel to I’m going to have to do some research. I love Angkor Wat in Cambodia and I’m sure I’ll love the ancient Incan ruins in Peru.

And as for your friend! Thats awesome! It will be my first trip to Vietnam and I’m super amped. I also havn’t ridden a bike in a few years so it will be super interesting relearning in the streets of Hanoi :) First trip ever I’m actually considering travel insurance. If your in contact with your friend ask her some her favorite little places to visit in Hanoi? Hostel recommendation? Is it as easy to buy a bike out there than I read it is online? I’ve given myself 3–4 days in Hanoi to get a bike and situated for the trip, hope thats enough time :p

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