An open letter to my NUS’ Friends

My dear friends, First of all I would like to thank you all so much for being so much caring, big-hearted and wonderful to me. I still can’t figure out how come I was placed with you people in this program. Because, you all were such chosen and cream individuals, my presence with you doesn’t make any sense to me. After meeting with you in Karachi I said to myself, if I learn nothing in Singapore but remains in the company of these people for two weeks that will be great achievement and I was right for sure, have learnt many things from you people which I would not have on my own for ten years.

Let’s get down to brass tacks, most of my friends were having this thought that Shams is not enjoying that much in Singapore as we are, and they were absolutely right! My main objective from the program was to learn as much as I can starting a business in Singapore or taking existing business to Singapore to gain exposure to International market and secure huge funding as Singapore is investing big money on startups. To be honest, I was not that much inspired by the beauty of Singapore like most of friends were. I think the reason is that I belong to the very beautiful area in the country, just like Malala Yousufzai in her book “I am Malala” put it in this way — My valley, the Swat valley is a heavenly kingdom of mountains, gushing waterfalls, singing meadows and crystal-clear lakes, WELCOME TO PARADISE it says on a sign when you enter the valley.

The only thing which I love in Singapore is NUS. It is a wonderful university, will do my best to get there after graduation and gain access to entrepreneurship facilities there. Apart from that it was great to study economic development in Singapore, something very new and interesting to me, meeting with people around the world and visiting the places as long as I can, that was an objective of the program I hope. So, enough of Singapore, welcome to Pakistan :) now we need to commit to our own country and take it to the first world.

There was a conspiracy about my relationship status. Some of my friends during casual conversation asked me, are you engaged? I said Yes just to have some fun discussions. But I am Not! There is a long story, don’t need to explain everything but the thing is I am Not. I am in search of beautiful bahu for my parents but seems like I will search forever (more on this in next paragraph). The ring on my finger is not an engagement ring. It was given to me by mom. The stone in the ring is emerald stone (zamarud, in Pushto we call it) some people are relating different things to the ring’s stones. Emerald stone since it is noble and expensive, people believe it attracts wealth and happiness. I personally don’t believe in this crap but actually my mom given it to me that is important not the things related to it.

Let’s talk about the girlie things. I was astonished at the time when a class-fellow Indian girl at NUS got a crush on one Chinese boy and she expressed herself so openly to everyone, that was really amazing and I just said holy wow! look at that!! She doesn’t want to keep something on heart which will bother her for the rest of life. I really appreciate that. Now look at me, when I face the same situation there :P I behaved like a looser (don’t ask me what happened! ) I got a severe crush but unable to express even 1% of my feelings, was thinking my eyes will explain everything :P but I just realized, in today’s world the eyes are not going to work, welcome to the 21st century :) when we were getting back to Pakistan, inside airplane I was practicing some words to say at the last moment, one friend from IBA Karachi noted me and said — Shams, what are you doing? And I said Umm… Umm… Nothing… Nothing just little practicing something :D :D that was really weird. I have no idea how long these feelings will continue. Hopefully one day these will die out, I don’t mind that, but will not reveal the thing to any person. Anyway life is life. You can’t do anything in some regards. By end of the day you have to lose the game and that is OK. Sorry to be so dramatic but that is quite true!

In the last I would say you people are spectacular. I am sure ahead in life most of you will do wonders I will keep in touch with you all, would love to see my friends a very successful people in the near future InshaAllah. My little advice will be always try to give people an immense love because only human is the biggest invention of all the time. It is worth more than billion, trillion dollars, in fact human is worth infinite billion dollars, therefore we need to make them feel important just like we care of expensive things.

Stay blessed and remember me in your prayers.

Your little friend