There is No Meaning in Our Suffering

Jesus Suffering Stations Of The Cross Christ Sacred

We are these tiny creatures trapped in one of the minute pockets of the gigantic universe. Just like worms get created deep in the mud. Now, we have nothing to do here, all meaningless wondering what the fuck just happened with us. So, what we do is attach meaning to every goddamn thing out there.

We don’t have a little power to control anything, although we want to control beyond our wildest imaginations, but our extreme weakness both physically, emotionally won’t allow a bit to do that.

Then, what is the meaning of fucking life? Well, the ants ever dare to ask that question — NO — So, what are these ants for? For Nothing. Then, why they work every weekday, even fucking Saturday? Because, they have this fucking algorithm in the head to keep working. Stupid Question. Akhhh

The scariest thing happened to us — Humo Sapians, is this fucking cognitive revolution, which made us at the end, wanting more shit, we want to experience more, we want to earn more, to fuck more and what not? That’s how we satisfy the beast inside ourselves.

But, cognition have put this curse on us called “suffering.” We suffer, at every point in life. Everyone suffers in its own fucking life, no matter rich, poor, white or any other weirdo.

If you have read the Victor Frankl’s book “Man Search For Meaning” which is based on his experience at Auschwitz Concentration Camp, where he said the only option to live alive in the camp is to search for a meaning, Otherwise, suffering will kill the shit out of you.

Our life is more like that fucking concentration camp, in order to live, you have to attach meaning to every shit or more shits and you would live a life. That’s why humanity is still struggling till this day on the planet because of this meaning shit.

So, the answer to all of our problems is just to live. Like in the movie, Me Before You, when the girl is telling her lover to “just live well, just live.” There is no solution to our suffering, if you attach meaning you will ease out the suffering for a while but that’s not a permanent solution.

You want to know the permanent solution?

There isn’t actually, sweetheart.

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