Why I Spent Seven Years Of My Life Creating 21 Jump Street Rangers. OR. How 21 JSR Saved My Life.

The 21 JSR cast and crew posing. Yours truly is towards the back reading a script like a schmuck.

“What the hell is 21 Jump Street Rangers?”

I’m glad you asked. Take a seat.

21 Jump Street Rangers was a web series that was a defining part of my life that started in my senior year of high school. It detailed the story of the 21 JSR team, a group of ever-older looking high school kids, who fought against the evil Tech Empire. It was basically Power Rangers on a much much much much lower budget.

Finishing the series was a herculean task but it finally wrapped in 2015. After basking in the accomplishment for a few days, I started a big ol’ timeline/retrospective that would track the entire production of 21 JSR. I got about halfway through before I realized…

It was really boring.

So I sat on the idea for a year, during which I wrote four scripts, got locked in a graveyard, and sledded down a mountain on my butt.

Somehow I’m still alive, so I’m finally going to write this damn thing. But this time? It’s not just a retrospective. It’s a story about creativity, depression, getting called the fuck out, and puns. How my dream of creating a Power Rangers like series completely changed my life.

Throughout this series you’ll be getting a LOT of behind the scenes photos with captions. This one is yours truly (in the middle) directing Eric on the set of 21 JSR episode six. Feel the tie dye. Be the tie dye.

If you’re reading this, you’re one of the following.

1) My friend. I mean really, why else would you watch a web series that combines 21 Jump Street and Power Rangers? What? That doesn’t come up in your YouTube recommendations daily? I gotta work on my keywords.

2) You acted in it. Don’t worry guys, I won’t reveal too many secrets. No, Graham, I still haven’t figured out what a Bolivian Dance Monster is. Grecia, any insight?

3) You’re the type of fuck who finds merit in shit like Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills. I’m right there with you.

4) You’re an actual fan of 21 JSR. All five of you are my heroes.

5) You want to know how to make a Tokusatsu (Japanese special effects) fan series of your own. I’m not sure if these blogs will encourage or hinder that. YOU DECIDE!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be covering 21 JSR from the beginning. Some of the episodes will get their own entries and others will share a post. I mean really, how long can I talk about a five-minute mini episode?

-checks old doc-

Wow, three pages eh? Yeah, I won’t subject you to that. Probably.

So really, how does one come up with the idea for a series called 21 Jump Street Rangers?

Next Time: Why The Hell Did I Make This? OR. Dwayne Don’t Play That Way Homie.

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