What Makes You A P.O.S.?

“Annoyance” by Ava

I always wonder what happened in some people’s lives to turn them into ‘Pieces of Shit’ (pardon my niceties). Seriously, why are some “human beings” so…… INHUMANE? A recent conversation with a family member led me into this deep thought, yet again. The topic of convo was my cousin’s rude coworker, which then turned into her asking about Ava’s deadbeat father, which then led into “Who the eff is raising and loving these cowards?!”, which then topped off our conversation as to what happened to people in the world to cause them so much pain that they would willingly harm others?

Hurt People, hurt people…

Yes, that is very true!

Misery loves company…

Yup! That’s true too!

Being a Shitty Individual can be a few things; those individuals who cut you off in traffic, those exes who break your heart in a callous manner, those unlawful cops who are killing our unarmed men, and those individuals who teach their children to be racists. My sentiment is always, “Takes one to know one!” It takes a hurt individual to cause hurt onto others (atleast those who purposefully cause pain). So what about the individuals who don’t realize that they are inflicting damage?… I would love to think that parents are raising their children “right,” but seeing some of the crappy individuals in the world, it saddens me. Now as a single mother, I realize there are a lot of people who fail as parents. I feel as parents, it is our core duty to teach our children to be kind, strong, honest, responsible, and respectful (of course there are more, but I said CORE). I realize that a lot of “adults” don’t even know the half of what being grown is all about. Being grown isn’t about paying a bill, buying alcoholic beverages, or living on your own… In my opinion, being grown is about growing up from a selfish immature way of living. G-R-O-W-N = G-R-O-W-T-H. There are still a lot of stunted people walking around.

I definitely have my vices too (sometimes I’m moody and I can be sensitive which will cause me to lash out), but I am always one to apologize if I witness the pain I’ve caused. Whatever happened to genuine apologies? Whatever happened to sincere “I’m sorry”? … I know not everything can be blamed on parents, but I have actually witnessed parents allowing their “grown” children to carry on like disrespectful irresponsible characters. This scares me too! What if I do my very best to raise Ava into a kind, nice girl, and she turns out to be the complete opposite?! Uggghh!! I would die!

Dear Lord, please protect my daughter from ignorant behavior!

In any event, I’ve become concerned with the well being of our country. Social media is continuing to degrade men and women, which is furthering people’s adaptation into ‘Shittiness.’ I really hope that something gives and these hurt issues that people deal with can somehow get fixed… I pray that my parenting skills will blossom a sweet well-rounded young lady who will behave accordingly. I know that I must lead by example… Another notch on my growth belt… Acknowledging the Power of Being Kind.