Akasha and the Witch

She knew the path to him wouldn’t be easy but she often craved for the years before the New World. When life was so much simpler and easier. The world was cold now and those born into it were even colder. She missed Ebrim and longed for him in her bed. He had a way with her body and was never afraid of her fire. Many men before him tried to quell her storms but Ebrim never wanted to tame her, he knew how to flow with her energy.

Akasha could have easily thought he was her soulmate if it weren’t for her early training with The Witch, “There is only one way the Universe reveals soulmates to one another, Akasha, it is through the light.” This knowledge had kept her heart safe when her body betrayed her.

Her light was a gift but it was equally dangerous…

During the early days when she was young and naive to magick and the energy of the Universe she had allowed herself to love with abandon. Men frequently misused her magick, her fire and her body. The Witch taught her how to control her fire and merge with Gaia, grounding her energy into the earth. She showed her how to shield and protect her aura, most importantly, she taught Akasha how to hide her light from the dark lords. As much as her light was a gift, it was equally dangerous.

The world was now run by dark energy now. There was barely any light or love left. The Dark Lords made sure to rid the world of all light, or at least they tried. Even the earth hurt, Gaia’s shrilling sounds could be heard daily. Although most people had grown numb to the shrilling, Akasha heard them constantly. No one could survive in this new world with darkness, not even Akasha who had used the darkness within her own soul to hide her light from the Dark Lords.

But with each day they passes she could feel her light growing stronger, she could feel her Soulmate’s presence nearer. Akasha knew that there would soon come a time when her light could no longer be shrouded and when that happened she knew the Dark Lords would soon follow. Akasha only hoped she would find her soulmate before that day arrived.

She wondered how many lifetimes she had lived before coming to earth…

Akasha didn’t speak much these days because her intuitive gifts often pulled her into the world beyond worlds. She visited The Further and the In Between as most people referenced it. This is where she met The Witch from time to time when she needed counsel. The Witch was the closest thing she had known of mother or even a friend. Her gifts tended to pull her away from the people she loved, most importantly Ebril.

Her gifts had always bothered him. He felt that she preferred the distance and struggled to keep her in this world. Once when they were in a restaurant she left her body and found herself in another dimension. She saw her love, her children, her friends and family and ultimately her death. When she awoke out of her trance Akasha was staring at the same man she had just experienced an entire lifetime with, an entire life time that was experienced in only 2 minutes. As he left the register to pay for his food his eyes caught her glance and it was as if he was hypnotized. He stood there frozen in time for what seemed like another eternity.

Ebril agitated with jealously, reached for her forearm and asked, “Who is that?”

Her eyes shifted back to Ebril and just like that the man vanished, “Just some one I used to know.”

She wondered how many lifetimes she had lived before coming to earth. She knew that she was sent here because of her light. The Witch once told her that she had spent more than a millennia developing her gifts and that she knew Akasha when she was a young soul, when Akasha was the teacher and she was her student. The Witch knew that this would be her last cycle on earth because her path had come full circle. Every moment leading to this unique incarnation and the union with her twin soul. She had finally reached Sankofa, the return to self.

Akasha missed The Witch’s stories about the soulmates she had met during her travels throughout the galaxies. She described how bright the light between them was and how it could bring any energetic soul back into harmony with The All. Akasha often wished she could be free from her gifts even when they were very thing keeping her alive in this new world. She also knew that her purpose was bigger than herself, it was about humanity or the restoring of what was left of humanity.

This new world was just so complicated…

“Why do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Act like nothing affects you.”

“Ebril, you know that I am different. With each shedding, as my light grows, you know that I will become less–”

He cut her off before she could finish, “Less human? You don’t know that.” “You’re so busy looking for your soulmate that you can’t even see what’s in front of you” “Did you ever love me?” “Or do you still love him?”

Sometimes it was so hard for her to answer earthly questions but she did the best she could. Of course she loved him, this new world was just so complicated. When Ebrim died she took care of him for three years before she accepted him into her bed, he was her lover, still in many ways she remained his sister, if not his mother.

He knew she felt guilty about loving him but he had always and only saw her as a goddess from the very beginning. He remembered the first day they met, she was so beautiful with her light radiating from her aura. Of course since he was only thirteen and had never seen an actual goddess before he couldn’t be certain, he knew somehow that she was special. He was a child then but loved her now as a man. He didn’t want Akasha to fulfill her purpose if it meant it would take her away from him.

He had a softness about him that surprised her…

“You mention his name when your sleep.”

“I know.”

In many ways Ebril was just like his brother, especially when he tried the most not to be. But he was also very different, he had a softness about him that surprised her. The transition into the new world was difficult for everyone, the darkness consumed all that was good almost in a single night. There was little room in this new world for someone whose heart was as pure as Ebril. She wondered, “How could he still have so much love within him, in this world?” “Did Ebrim shield him too much?” “Would he be able to survive in the darkness?”

Ebrim was as strong as steel, much stronger than his brother Ebril, even now as a man. He was a true warrior, one of the first to rise when the darkness descended. His heart grew cold with a brutal honesty that proved useful in the new world. Ebrim had kept all three of them safe in the beginning and her bed warm. He lead them through most of the chaos but Ebril would be the one to keep them safe now. Akasha knew she had chosen wisely, still she loved them both.

Her fire was unleashed and ready to unite with him…

“Do you still love him?”

She remained silent.


She could see the pain through his eyes and feel the uncertainty in his field. He was upset now and she knew how to quell his anger. She reached for his hands and brought them to her bosom. He traced her body with his fingers until she acquiesced under his touch. Her fire was unleashed and ready to unite with him. This was one more way that Ebril was different than his older brother. With Ebrim she was only able to unlock her Chakras up to the solar plexus. Perhaps because he had to keep his heart guarded to protect them. However, with Ebril she was able to unlock her Chakra body all the way up to her heart. That is what made her such a passionate lover and she yearned for the union with her soulmate because she knew their love would be so electric she would be able to unlock all of her Chakras even past the crown.

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