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Hi there, I’m the founder of KUBO. Our nonprofit helps schools to integrate ICT sustainably. With a focus on those who need it most.

A little bit of background

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In 2017 I interned at The Swallow, an acclaimed Centre for Emancipating Education in The Gambia. As a Howest BA student in Applied Informatics, I was astonished by the amount of administration which still had to be processed by hand. A task that could be so easily automated.

So I set out to explore how tech could help to free the priceless time of the teachers & the other staff.

Through first-hand experience and by reading through research, I became familiar with the variety of barriers schools are facing when implementing technology: unstable electricity, unstable internet, slow or infected devices, insufficient ICT knowledge, no consistent back-ups of critical data…


Shane Deconinck

web & design

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