Trumpocalypse Now: The End of the Trump Campaign is Near

Update 11/9/2016: I was wrong.

This is it. This is finally the moment we can declare unequivocally that the Trump campaign died.

Following the release of a decade-old tape where Republican nominee Donald Trump appears to suggest he likes to dabble in sexual assault from time to time, several prominent Republicans have rescinded their endorsements of the candidate. The RNC has also reportedly diverted their funds away from the presidential campaign and toward down ballot Republicans.

I don’t know what it says for the state of our nation that he was able to survive inciting outright bigotry and values downright antithetical to traditional American values for so long, but at long last its over.

Let’s not forget all the craven Republican politicians who sold their souls and the values and principles of their conservative beliefs to support a bigoted, misogynist, vacant-headed, narcissistic, con-artist buffoon in the face of all evidence. May their Trump endorsement serve as a ‘Scarlet Letter’ from this point forth.

It is time for the Republican Party to finally purge itself of its most vile elements and reform itself into a party we can be proud of once again or at the very least not embarrass us — a party that no longer rejects all logic and buoys itself on the back of white nationalism.

We need a sound alternative to a Democratic party that is also losing its way. A party of sound fiscal policy and strong national security would be welcome, just leave all the science-denying, xenophobic, racist bullshit with the Trumplings…