Trump haters beginning to destroy America!

What started as a bout of sore loser syndrome has grown out of control. When treasonous fools continue to push a Russian Narrative that 3rd graders and anyone with common sense can see is a blatant made up story to bring down Trump, Its time to Stop! As a true CEO would say, “Stop The Bullshit”! You have to be an absolute moron to buy into the Russian Narrative Bullshit! Enough is Enough! Its been 6 months and no evidence! Put up or Shut Up! Trump won! Being consumed by your hatred for Trump and your sissy sore loser syndrome you are now beginning to hurt the functioning of the country. Its time now to honor our democratic system and get behind the person properly elected President. I voted for him! You are dishonoring my vote. I hired him, voted for him to transform a broken corrupt and incompetent government run by inept bureaucrats, with true with common sense and efficiency. Grow up and connect with your common sense adult brain and stop this hollow intellectual banter. It is growing old fast!