#1. Beginning

These are fun ideas that continue your work in journaling. I think your first question is the hardest: how to document a life well. This is difficult because it may be different for many people, so is there a best way or multiple ways? I’m not sure, but it is something I would be interested to learn through your thesis. The second question of how to record data well is just as difficult, but is a narrower path to a solution because you can tinker with different platforms and technology. Maybe if you solve this question it can also inform your first one.

I’m not so thrilled about the museum experience for you. I think its too narrow of an idea and you might become bored or feel tied down to it much earlier in this process than you would with your journal topic. But, maybe there is something here to be uncovered that I can’t quite see. Either way, I am excited to see what you discover and make!

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