BAHUBALI 2 – so Kattappa didnt kill ?

SSRs dream , 1000 Technicians effort , Dedicated Actors , five years of hardship … result is the Magnificent….BAHUBALI

If you thought the first fight scene in Gladiator amazed you …. Kundala fight seen will mesmerise you

If Troy enthralled you with its sets & Architecture … Mahismathi will fascinate you

If the final fight scene of Avatar took you to seat edges … Bahubali will make you jump out of your seats

What a Movie … frame by frame …. loved it

Powerful dialogues , fast paced editing , untiring screenplay , amazing sets of Mahismathi and kundala , song sequences and the Music score wowwwww.3 hours you will travel in to an Ancient kingdom of fascination , Romance , War and what not .Its feast on Visual Extravaganza

Prabha’s acting is outstanding so as Rana , Ramya and Anushka.Sathyaraj is literally the hero of the movie , he is mostly seen in all most all frames , what an acting emotions and fierceness ultimate.

Rajamouli has carved a niche in INDIAN Cinema , world is watching with eyes brows raised

Bahubali lifting Shiv Linga and placing it under a waterfall in first part. , Movie concludes with the same Shiv Linga with a narration

“ Did God travel with this Man “ ….

……yes it is …. with Director SS Rajamouli