World Renowns USA as No.1 Nation while Americans Don’t

It looks like America is undermining itself

America is worlds richest nation with people who have Beautiful Minds.If America celebrates the world celebrates and if it is in sorrow the world cries to its sorrow.Such a passion world is having on America.Its rich culture , style etiquettes, NBA … America is magic to rest of the world

Americans are well known for their managerial skills , even World top management universities are in USA.Be it Apple , Google , Microsoft , IBM , Cisco in the IT sector.Benetton, Tommy Hilfiger,Michael kors,Gap, Nike in Apparel sector, be it the walstreet ,the cars which roll out of Detroit or the retail chains like Walmart,KFC,McD , take anything for that matter most of the successful ideas are conceived by American Minds that’s why I call it as Beautiful mind.Their products are sold in nook and corner of the world be it iPhones,Android or the cars or the fast foods. They are the most talented people in getting an idea,creating it and executing it using the world work force ….

A movie 2012 runs in my mind when I think of this where most of them would have watched An INDIAN scientist finds it , American takes up that , get the Saudi sheikh to fund the project and uses china to manufacture the ships and saves world from apocalypse….brilliant isn’t it That’s the truth,Americans are regarded for powerful managerial skills

Now select Americans wants to join the workers bandwagon from the image of great Managers of the world turning down to workforce … what is happening to you America. , Do you think you can work 15 long hours in front of a computer or keep stitching clothes for long hours in a garment factory or assemble cars untiringly… You are going to end up paying more at the end of the day if you start working in this line of jobs. For instance if Apple makes its products in America, the cost of an iPhone will become nearly double to $1600 and ultimately Americans have to shell it out from their pocket to buy this , this is just an example , the vast unending list goes on …Americans can’t live with out google , but there are countries ( China ) which has grown inspite of NO to Google,Facebook,whatsapp.

People see America as a saviour , kuwait needs America , South Korea needs America , India needs America , it’s a big list

World biggest Economy and worlds two most populous economies contribute to the world. That countries Hardware and this countries Software is channelised to the world by America

Don’t loose your sheen America , keep shining always …

Penned with Love