Why do we have exams ?

Exam week is coming soon, and every year I find myself in the same position asking generally, “Why exams ?”.

If you’re [the reader] a teenager like me I’m pretty sure you’ve been where I am or you’re going to be. I for one unlike a few people in my school hate exams. The very idea of exams gets me on my nerves. Do we need to be tested on everything we learn ? I’m pretty sure that if you’ve read my previous post you know how much I stress on the importance of vocational education. I would like school much better if exams were banned (This is starting to sound like an episode of Horrible Henry, isn’t it ?). But upon pondering and doing a little research I’ve come to the truth, it’s not the exams we hate but the fact that we have to deal with the ultimate result, some students even have a fear of it. It’s probably because we think we’re going to get bad marks and can only imagine of what would happen if we got good marks or bad marks or we passed or failed. This is what haunts the dreams of children worldwide.

Now, re-evaluating the statements above, I still hate exams but would love if god used a few of his tricks and burnt up my paper … no, my whole batch’s paper, and if they asked us to write the paper again, we would just refuse and show them the power of students.

(I’ve come to realize I’m very imaginative)

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