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Your purpose is a bell that rings inside you

Pay attention to what causes that feeling and find your calling

Epiphanies never come to me when I’m sitting peacefully in some beautiful scene. They show up like cousins from out of town who never call before they drop in and here I am doing laundry in my pajamas.

That’s how I came to hear something in an Alex Clare song that I’ve listened to a million times but never really heard:

Whispering, whispering, whispering, whispering
As I fall through the willow trees, and I said
Who will care for the fallen?
Who will care for the fallen?

This time, the refrain made me think: If not me, then who? Who’s going to do something about___? Or why should anyone care about___?

I stopped matching socks, listening to questions the song asked in me: What if our vocation is a question that rings a bell down deep in us, so deep we don’t even know we’re hearing it?

Like touching a taproot, I followed that question down to this one:

What question is your life answering?

Those questions that ring inside of us point us toward our life’s work, our obsessions, passions and deep frustrations.

Maybe that’s what Rilke meant when he said to love the questions.

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