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Summer is a great time for relaxing, but it can also be a time of exploration and reinforcing what kids learned throughout the year.

At this point in the school year, most kids are dreaming about water slides, playground slides or sliding into home base. Summer break is so close we can almost touch it. Little do they know, another type of slide is ahead of them as well. The dreaded “summer slide.”

What is the Summer Slide?

Students will lose academic skills over the summer months and come back to the classroom in the autumn with lower scores than they had in the spring. This is frustrating for teachers, parents, and the students themselves. Studies show that after third grade students will lose 20% of their school-year gains…

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Even the best lesson plans can be sabotaged by a technology fail. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid a total collapse of your lesson.

All thirty five of my students had the Google Expeditions viewers in their hands, patiently waiting to take a virtual tour of Argentina. We had been talking about it for a week. I only had the Expeditions kit checked out for one day. And the internet was down.

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Discover how White Bear Lake educators have created businesses to help train students for employment skills, work on social skills, and help the community

Dog Biscuit Bakery

The dogs in White Bear Lake may be wagging their tails more often thanks to a group of students at North Campus. Katy Domschot’s 9th and 10th-grade students are busy running the Dog Biscuit Bakery. This company makes dog biscuits from scratch, takes orders from local teachers and delivers the treats to the dog owners.

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A mother and teacher’s story about how using technology at home and in the classroom gives kids with special needs a better chance at success

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As digital natives, kids today have more opportunities to engage with online content. Let’s explore five things parents can do to keep kids safe — and five ways educators can reinforce the message.

A typical evening at the Olsen family home consists of running three teenage boys to White Bear Lake Area Schools hockey, cross country, dance and concerts. At home it’s a flurry of boys doing homework, trying to squeeze in dinner and chores and, of course, scrolling through their Instagram feeds and playing video games. The delicate balancing act of trying to fit everything in might sound familiar to most families. …

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What is student voice and why is it important? Learn how Bear Time at White Bear Lake HS North Campus is creating personalized learning pathways for students.

“Everyday more educators are showing that they value students by involving them in meaningful ways in school. These teachers and administrators say that it is not about ‘making students happy’ or allowing students to run the school. Their experience shows that when educators partner with students to improve learning, teaching and leadership in schools, school change is positive and effective.”

Adam Fletcher, Meaningful Student Involvement Guide to Students as Partners

If you walked into WBLAHS North Campus on September 19, 2018, you would have seen students meditating, playing board games, making caramel apples, shooting baskets in the gym, getting…

Shannon Treichel

Shannon Treichel is an Innovation Coach in White Bear Lake, MN. In addition to the classroom, her favorite places are on a sunny beach or up in the mountains.

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