5 Things I Noticed About the Carter Twins’ First Pic

If you haven’t noticed by now, our Queen has posted the first picture of herself with the newest prince and princess of the world, the Carter twins: Sir and Rumi.

Posted on Instagram in the wee hours of the night, the pic has gathered no small following of over 7 million likes in the first 10 hours. #beyhiveunite

So after staring at the post for what seemed like an eternity, basking in all of its glory, I noticed a few things.

1. She’s got a thing for blue panties.

After I apologize for using the word panties ~cringe~ we’ll notice that we were first blessed with light blue silky ruffles in her maternity reveal pic, and now she’s sporting a cute, bright-ish blue striped pair. Maybe it’s her thing. Maybe it’s for continuity’s sake.

2. We’ve clearly left the Sears photo department.

If you’ve seen the maternity reveal picture (linked above), you probably got a sense that it was very clearly staged and posed. I mean of course Beyonce’s Instagram is a meticulously curated collection of the most fabulous moments in her life, but this one was a little reminiscent of Deb’s glamour shots from Napoleon Dynamite.

The Carter twins reveal is a much more extravagant shoot. It’s outside on a gorgeous day, among perfectly manicured shrubbery, with a vast blue body of water looming in the background. A giant step up.

3. Is it just me or does Beyoncé have the world’s smallest belly button?

I mean there’s nothing wrong with it of course. But it’s just like …so …small.

Look at it. It’s weird.

4. My girl looks good.

This better be a flattering angle/hella photo editing skills/or proof she’s actually a wizard because there’s no way she’d look that good a month after having twins.

She. Had. Twins. TWO BABIES. That’s exactly 200% of the amount of babies most mothers have at one time. And a month later she looks as amazing as she did, if not better, before she was pregnant? I call witchcraft.

5. That is JAY-Z’s nose if I’ve ever seen it.

Look at them. The most precious little royal nuggets the Earth has ever seen. I just had to zoom in and see their faces.


Oh, look at that.

The prince or princess to the right of the other bears a striking resemblance to their father. I’m usually on Team All-Babies-Look-the-Same, but guys, that is Jay-Z’s nose without a shred of a doubt.

Here’s to hoping that one is Sir.

All Hail the Royal Family.