How to Scare Yourself Sh!tless: Abandon Your Only Plan

You know what you want, so work for it. Meet with the right people, write the best resumes, find a home, and reconnect with good friends.

Spend two years saving money and remind everyone you know that you are going back to San Francisco. Nothing will stop you. People will have other ideas or suggestions. Feel free to tune them out. Want to be a jerk? Cut them off before they’re finished. They shouldn’t waste their breath on an idea you will never consider.

It’s go time. You’re ready to make the big move. You’re confident in every step you have taken to get to this point. The only problem is something has changed. That feeling of anticipation and excitement, the same one that had you ready with your pen and checkbook, is no longer there. You can find anything wrong with even the best apartment. You can point out every flaw in a great job interview. But ultimately, you can feel in your gut that this isn’t supposed to be.

You’ll be embarrassed. You might feel angry. You will certainly be scared shitless now that you have to make a new plan. You’ll feel foolish for not having any backup. You’ll sure as hell be thankful for the emergency fund you put aside and the people who told you to do so.

Find comfort in the idea that “this is happening for a reason,” regardless of how stupid that sounds to you. Start to entertain other options. Tell people your plan has changed. Listen to their words and give them the respect and thought they deserve. Be proud for making a tough decision that is good for you. Talk to the people who love you and share your feelings and the lessons that came from this.

You have every right to change your mind. Find the beauty in this idea.

The right thing will come along. You’ll be so grateful for listening to your bruised gut and ignoring your defeated ego.

An even better adventure is approaching.

My new skyline.
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