Day 13

Today is the 13th day of January. It also happens to be Friday the 13th. Cool. But let me tell you why today is different than other days. Because today I am typing this story out on a desk top computer. I’m also going ice skating with a few friends from work, so I’m SUPER excited about that. I haven’t been ice skating in years.. Hopefully I can look past my fear of having my fingers sliced off if I fall down. (I know I know, That’s a pretty rational fear to have, however I had this fear since I was about 7 years old… Yehhhh So it’s currently 3:32 in the afternoon, and I leave to Nashville at 4.I’m so E X C I T E D.

On a deeper note, it’s the second out of five days that I have off from both jobs. My friend has went into Nashville for the weekend, and I’m left here pretty much alone until Sunday night. So I’m thinking Ill do some grocery shopping tomorrow, and maybe go out and explore the area with a friend? Who knows. But all I know is, I’m getting away tomorrow. Bright and early. I’m thinking I’ll go further south.. See what it has to offer. Anyways, I’m done blabbering. I might update tonight.. Probably not.. heh. I hope you’ve had a good day, and if you have I hope it gets even better! And if it has been dodgy, then I hope it gets better.. Until next time..


Wow. Well will you look at that. I’m updating. Ice skating was SO MUCH FUN. Makes me wanna figure skate.. maybe? It was nice, especially when you go fast. However the rink was insanely crowded and there were little kids EVERYWHERE. (Not that having kids everywhere is a bad thing. They just got in the way A LOT.) However, before we went ice skating, we went to Otaku Ramen. It’s a cute ramen restaurant in The Gulch in downtown Nashville, it was cheap and really nice (as for as downtown eateries go). Can’t recall what the dishes name was but here’s a picture of the beautiful masterpiece that was my dinner:

It was SO. GOOD. Ugh. I miss it already :(. Anyways. I might look into this figure skating thing. I’m intrigued by it.

I’m other news, I just realized my tags are about to expire on my car, so I should probably go get those changed. Ohhh I love being an adult. Okay okay. I’m really done babbling for today… I hope your day got better. Until next time..

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