Long time. No talk.

And here is why. I just busy wrapped up in work and with a boy. I apologize. The past two days have been very… life changing? I’m not sure if that’s how many people would explain it but oh boy, I feel like I’ve just been punched in my heart about 1000 times. And it just doesn’t seem to stop. Id like to state that I’ve just been dumped. (No no, it was pretty much mutual, which is awesome but still sad at the same time) I know I know “shannon, it’s just a boy” granted it’s not the main reason why I’m so upset, but break ups are never easy. Especially when you start to have feelings for them. Which is sadly what happened to me. But I’ll move on, and grow. No biggie.

The big emotional roller coaster that I’ve been going through the past 24 hours is that I have recently received news that my father has a cancerous tumor. Now I know it’s something that can be fixed and he has a very high chance of recovering. But getting news like that is not something I’m used to. I’ve had a dodgy relationship with my father the past 4 years and to hear something like that makes me stand back and look at the bigger picture at. It only life, but also my relationship with my family/friends. Some of my friends didn’t seem so moved by my news, they honestly didn’t seem to care. Which is fine. But I’m human. I have feelings. And I feel no one steps back and realizes that. But on another note. I’m going to be bettering myself and probably taking a break from social media. Thank you for reading this, if anyone is reading this.

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