This post has nothing to do with playlists. Sorry. But I’ve realized a couple of things this week.

  1. No guy (or girl) with worth any type of pain. No matter what.
  2. I’m a douche bag for jumping the gun when it comes to people.
  3. Trying to find your self worth is very hard to do, but it is possible.
  4. I have made mistakes. And Ive learned from them.

5. People come and go for a reason. People are also not obligated to stay. Y

6. I’m tired of chasing, I can’t try to please people whom don’t deserve me or my time.

7. Actions speak louder than words.

8. Everyone has feelings. No matter how stale/mean someone is.

9. I still don’t like alcohol.

10. Put. Yourself. First.

I’m shaking everything off and “doing me.” I know my self worth, I know things have got to change. Ive got to get myself out of this strange feeling. Ive gotta live for myself. I have to love myself.

I appreciate my friends who show me new music to listen to. Anyways.

Here’s my playlists (thought I’d add it in)

Tell me what ever you wanted to tell me.

Ive been thinking about getting rid of my twitter. But I’m not sure yet. Anyways.

Until next time…

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