Have you been thinking about taking up a new language?

Well you are in the right place! Languages are amazing and can change your life, take a look at all of the reasons why you should start learning your next language today!

Imagine the world of possibility that awaits you once you dive into your new language! You get more jokes, more stories, and more knowledge! You could finally understand what your waiter always yells at you at the New Chinese Buffet every Sunday!

The name of every language, and how to say PEACE in every language.

Languages are so diverse and different all around the world. There is a language for everyone. Don’t all of the names sound full of history, beautiful, and interesting?

Students at the University of Birmingham have very good reasons for why we should all study languages. Although they refer to the UK, their reasoning applies to the rest of the world as well!

The history of languages is extensive, yet amazing and interesting! All languages stem from another language!

Globalization is the way of the future, and multilingualism is the best way to truly be a global citizen. Learning a new language will only bring you benefits and can only help you and our world.

Listen to the personal anecdotes that the international students at College of Dupage share about how languages have impacted their careers and lives.

Listen as we hear the perspective of a future Arabic teacher! Who knows more about why we should learn languages then a passionate future teacher!


This powerpoint will teach you how to effectively learn a language quickly!

Lets get it together Team USA!

If you are tired of the jokes like the one above, and want to become a global citizen instead of just an American citizen, then today is the day to start your journey!

If you don’t know which language you would like to learn, you should start off by thinking about what interests you in life, and then find out which non-english speaking country has opportunities for people with your interest.

Once you have your target language follow the steps on the powerpoint and you will be on your way to success!

I wish you very good luck on your journey, and I remind you to enjoy the journey because it is the most educational part of the experience!