So Alone

Loneliness or oneliness?

No one calls.

No one responds.

No one to be with.

So alone.

All alone.

Always alone.

“It’s a trap.”

“It’s a facade.”

“Avoid that void.”

“You have a choice.”

Where is love?

Round the corner.

Always there.

There to give.

You know it.

But you want love.

You have so little.

So you keep all you have.

It’s a balance game.

Give too little, you are selfish.

Give too little, you get lonely.

Give too little, you have nothing.

It’s a balance beam.

Give too much, you are desperate.

Give too much, you disappoint.

Give too much, you get hurt.

Give too much, get rejected.

And you’re right where you were.

You’re right where you are.

Give into that.

Forever giving.

Forgive and give more.

Give to what’s more.

You’re never where you were.

Unless you go where you were.

You go where you were,

When you don’t go where you weren’t.

Go where you weren’t.

Give to where you’re going.

It starts where you are,

And goes to where you’re going.

Goes to where you're going,

And that’s how you know.

You know where you’re going,

So you can really go.