Fighting a Plateau? Here’s How To Fix It

We’ve all been here.

We’re doing great, losing incredibly well, and BAM! You’re stuck at the same weight for a few days or even a few weeks! You’re doing everything just right, and stress begins to build. If you’re going through this now, or if you’re likely to experience this in the future, this article is for you. Here are a few simple tips that you can immediately put into action to break the plateau battle.

1. You’re Being Repetitive

The same moves and exercise schedules — and eating plans — can cause your body to become used to it all, thus slowing down or stopping any further results!

To fix it, Add Variety!

Mix up your workouts and meal plans by completely replacing them with new ones. And next week? Change them again!

2. You Aren’t Doing Enough

We know, you feel like you’re doing enough, and maybe what you’re doing was working at one time, but eventually your body will require new levels of action to achieve your progress goals!

To fix it, Add More!

“More? Really?!” Yes. More! It’s really as simple as just doing a few more reps to exercises or increasing your light cardio an extra 10–20 minutes!

3. You’re Doing Too Much!

Too much working out will actually eventually cause you to get stuck, if you’re forcing yourself into too much of a caloric deficit!

To fix it, Slow Down!

Rather than trying to go run for an hour a day, try a brisk walk for 30–45 minutes! One of the best, easiest, fastest ways to lose weight is to walk 20–45 minutes each day, NOT Zumba, P90x, Running, Biking, Etc. Try it!

Quick Tips:

Increase your Protein Intake!
Drink More Water!
Eat Metabolism Boosting Foods!
Lower Caffeine Intake!
Never Give Up!

We hope you have found this quick article helpful for you! As always, you can follow us Here, for more recipes, tips, tricks, hacks, and motivation!

Your friends in Fast, Easy, Lifelong Weight Loss,
The Shapes Team.