21 Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Networking Advice

In honor of National Entrepreneur Day in November, the team behind professional networking app Shapr asked entrepreneurs to share their best tweetable advice about networking.

Networking is about building relationships. Don’t evaluate a person’s value. Instead focus on whether you share values. TWEET THIS

— Ludovic Huraux, CEO of Shapr (@LudovicHuraux of @weareshapr)

Life is a giant networking session. Speak to everyone you meet- your next investor, client, or marketing lead could be standing next to you.

— Rachel Delia, Founder of Flask Brands (@flaskbrands)

Use a unique design and diecut for your business card so it stands out from other cards.

— Jeff Kear, Owner of Planning Pod (@jeffkear of @planpod)

Don’t be a robot — most people just want to have a beer and take their pants off at the end of the day.

Kate Glantz, Founder and CEO of Heartful.ly (@kateglantz of @heartful_y)

Networking is a contact sport. You have to get off the computer and get out into the world to shake hands and meet new people.

— Nick Braun, Founder of PetInsuranceQuotes.com (@PetInsQuotes)

Arrive when the event begins to meet the small crowd of great people. They haven’t repeated what they do 5x already.

. — Bianca Jackson, Career and Leadership Coach (@JAXDigitalPM)

Go to indirectly related networking events. If you’re the only one from your industry, you could be the go-to referral.

— Steve Morgan, Owner of Morgan Online Marketing (@steviephil)

Deep breath. Listen more than you speak. Aways say goodbye with a business card.

— Allison Tray, Owner of Tres Bella Spa (@tresbellaspa)

Remember your purpose is to open a relationship not close a sale.

Jenny Powers, Founder & CEO of Running With Heels, LLC (@heelsandspiels)

Give without the expectation of receiving anything in return. Listen and ask thoughtful follow-up questions.

— Ginny Allen, Founder of This Business of Law (@Ginny_Allen of @businessoflaw)

Draw attention at an event, bring a custom name tag. You will instantly stand out.

— Walt L. Jones III, Principal at SEQ Advisory Group (@seqadvisory)

Make friends, not contacts. Be human, avoid sounding like a machine and genuinely help your friends succeed.

— Herby Fabius, Founder of BillionSuccess (@billionsuccess)

How can you follow up w/value? Send an article? Make an email intro?

— Jeffrey Davis, Founder of Tracking Wonder (@JeffreyDavis108)

Time isn’t something entrepreneurs have a lot of, but keep up with people regularly. The odd event invite or intro can make a big difference.

— Rashmi Melgiri, Founder of Cover Wallet (@rmelgiri of @coverwallet)

Don’t simply hand out business cards at your next networking event, strive to instead connect with a few that you can learn from.

— Naomi Hattaway, Founder of 8th & Home (@naomi_hattaway)

The fortune is in the follow up!

— Dana Humphrey, Owner at Whitegate PR (@danakhumprey)

Oops, forgot my biz card! May I have yours? Asking for their biz card puts the power of follow-up in your hands!

— Vicky Llerena, CEO of Social Vibes Media, (@SocialVibes)

Repeat names when speaking! This is effective for remembering names, and for “incepting” their memory to remember you, too.

— Erica Zahka, CEO/Founder of Own The Boardroom (@OwnTheBoardroom)

Never dismiss a single soul — you never know who you’re talking to, who they might know or how they’d be able to contribute.

— Lori Cheek of Cheekd (@loricheeknyc of @cheekd)

Be yourself! Be confident, open, and friendly when discussing what your business does.

— Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation (@deborahsweeney of @mycorporation)

Plant seeds, not trees. You have to grow relationships before you can harvest fruit.

— Dave DiVerniero, Executive Producer at Black Chip Studios (@blackchipstudio)

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