5 Unique Ways To Land The Dream Job

Job searching can be a tedious and frustrating process. You have probably sent cover letter after cover letter, only to feel overlooked. If you’re looking for inspiration to spice up the job search process, take a note from these people who dared to be different when going for a job. Sometimes you have to get creative to stand out!


Lucas Yla, a marketing professional in San Francisco, wanted to make sure his resume got seen by the advertising and tech companies on his shortlist. So, he dressed up as a delivery man and delivered donuts to over 40 companies with his resume attached. Within the week, he had 10 interviews scheduled. The lesson here is donut just wait around for the hiring manager to call you! (sorry….we had to)


DaGmara Hasse, an art director and graphic designer, used networking app Shapr to meet new professionals in her area and get the word out about her graphic design work. She ended up meeting tech strategist Gabriel Henton of Unclouded Visionary, who hired her to completely redo his logo and business card. All she had to do was swipe right and start a conversation!

A Billboard!

Adam Pacitti found his Media Production degree was not enough to get him in the door. After applying to hundreds of jobs, he changed his approach and went big. Adam used the last of his funds to rent a billboard asking people to hire him, and directing potential employers to employadam.com. He ended up receiving over 50 job offers….and spent his first paycheck on a billboard thanking his new employer and fans…

A Contest!

In 2009, Jon Kolbe, a father of two who had been jobless for about 7 months was growing tired of applying to jobs without results. He started the “Help Jon Kolbe Find a Job Contest” and offered an HD video camera as a prize. The stunt appears to have landed him a job with Affiniti Architects, which he has held for over 7 years according to his LinkedIn.

A Video Resume!

Graeme Anthony proved his PR skills to potential employers by designing an interactive video CV that went viral. His ingenuity captured the attention of so many employers that in the end he decided to go freelance! All you need is a cellphone and a little creativity to get noticed!

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