How One Activist Is Using A Networking App To Fight Climate Change

Jonathan Kirsch is on a mission. He wants to protect the environment and preserve our Earth for future generations, by galvanizing a small army to fight climate change.

By day, Jonathan is an NYC court reporter and an editor for The Millennial Times. Between coverage, Jonathan is working on a new kind of platform for the sustainability movement specifically targeted at millennials.

Enter Shapr, the app that helps him directly connect to young people who care about the cause. Jonathan uses the app to network with fellow New Yorkers who share his values. According to Jonathan, people care about climate change, but are not properly engaged.

“We’ve been trying to convince people for fifty years that this is happening, but we’ve been giving them studies, scientists who are just talking heads, documentaries that are too long and boring as hell,” Jonathan told us. “We’re marketing this completely wrong.”

Jonathan’s goal is to engage millennials on an emotional level. He is working to collect short testimonials about why the fight against climate change matters, and use these stories, photos and videos to inspire others, as well as documenting the movement. To share these stories, he just started the page Climate Culture on Facebook.

“Fifty years from now when we do solve the problem, we can show it to our children and say, ‘You see this Facebook post? You see this picture of me at this rally? I was there for you, I was fighting for you.’”

Using Shapr, Jonathan has connected with students and activists, as well as engineers and journalists who share similar concerns and are open to collaborating. He has also connected with people in seemingly unrelated professions that are interested in sustainability, such as a woman who works in fashion and is passionate about sustainable clothing solutions.

“I’m using Shapr to meet people from different backgrounds because it will take all of us. It will take people from all different walks of life to solve this problem, and Shapr allows you to meet people you never would have met otherwise.”

While Jonathan is just getting started, he says the conversations he has had so far through Shapr have helped him to narrow in on how he wants to help, as well as finding others who are open to joining him.

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