How one executive is using Shapr to map potential career paths

Emily Lirag, Shapr member

Emily Lirag, account executive, NYC

Emily Lirag has spent a decade establishing herself as a client service expert in the marketing industry, managing a roster of clients including Verizon Wireless, Dr. Pepper, and Keds.

What prompted you to download Shapr?

I’ve always been interested in the hospitality and tourism industry but realized that I didn’t have contacts in my existing network that could tell me more about life in those fields. I heard about Shapr through social media and created a profile to connect with professionals who were willing to share their experiences and tell me more about working in hospitality. A career change is not definite or immediate, but I think it’s important to find out more about the challenges, culture and highlight of other career paths that intrigue you. Online research is a good start, but the best way to discover pathways to a new career is by coffee with someone who’s living it.

Had you tried networking events?

It is incredibly hard to grab someone’s attention in a roomful of people. I much prefer meeting people one on one, when I already know a bit about the individual and why a conversation makes sense. Shapr helps me expand my network in a way I am comfortable doing.

How has your experience been?

I have already had a few really dynamic conversations off the app and I’m getting together with one of my matches for the second time next week! Shapr has encouraged me to connect with professionals across several industries. The contacts I made have shared valuable insight into the value I’m expected to bring if I ever chose to work with clients within those verticals. I also met with someone who was launching a business related to my current field, and was able to offer advice on digital marketing in return.

This app has helped me to expand my network beyond my existing circles and think more carefully about how to manage my career long-term. I have never talked about an app before. Now I tell everyone I meet about Shapr.

Feeling inspired?

Shapr is a mindful networking app that makes meeting new people seamless and meaningful. The goal behind the Shapr project is to make connecting with likeminded professionals easier, so people can spend less time looking for the right people to meet and more time talking with them.

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