I had no idea what I wanted to do after graduation. Then I got an internship through Shapr.

Fedor Pankratov, like many soon-to-be college graduates, had no idea what he wanted to do after he graduated from the University of St. Andrews. He hadn’t lined up a post graduation job, and wasn’t entirely sure what field he wanted to be in. Now, a few short months later, he has a post-grad internship that he loves and a potential career path, all because he decided to give Shapr a try.

Fedor started using Shapr in March, just a couple of months before he would graduate from college. He was looking for a job, but mostly started using the app because he was curious who else was on it.

Fedor Pankratov

One of he first connections was Alex, co-founder of the new UK-based start-up Tryit, which allows users to try new products for free and give testimonials. They hit it off as friends, and after Fedor became interested in the start-up’s mission, Alex offered him an internship.

Fedor has already started working at the company and loves it. Since it’s a new start-up and a small company, he gets to wear many hats and play a significant role in the company’s early growth.

“The best part of my job is its flexibility, impact and variety: yesterday I was focused on reviewing surveys and integration of Google Review platform and AdWords, today I was working on logistics and researching delivery service providers for our business needs.”

Tryit is still in the pre-launch stage, but will officially launch later this month. Once it launches, Fedor will have expanded responsibilities and the official job title of Key Collaborator.

“I’m really glad I found this app. I was clueless about what I wanted to do after graduation, but now I have a really exciting internship and a direction in my career.”

Want to explore your own career path? Download Shapr for iOS or Android and start meeting interesting professionals near you.

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