Santiago Falconi says his move to Washington, D.C. had nothing to do with politics. Originally hailing from Venezuela, Santiago was fueled by a desire to build his fluency and his network in an English-speaking country. Santiago says both goals have been helped by his discovery of networking app Shapr.


Shapr allows users to write a brief and friendly intro that explains who they are and why they are using the app. A business student at George Mason University, Santiago saw this text as the perfect opportunity to highlight his hunt for the perfect internship.

Within days, Santiago swiped right on Robert Braathe of Braathe Enterprises who suggested they arrange a call for the following day. Robert manages a virtual internship program and offered a role to Santiago during the conversation. Santiago accepted, and spent the next six months learning about product development while building his skills and portfolio. Santiago says the swipe resulted in an impressive resume item that helped him to gain practical experience.


Robert Braathe was just one of many professionals Santiago has connected with through Shapr. He now gets coffee with 2–3 new people a week, including professionals working at top consulting and business firms around the city. He adds that professionals on Shapr are particularly generous with their time:

“I’ve used other apps before Shapr but they haven’t been consistent and given me valuable connections with people who actually want to meet. Now I get coffee twice a week with new people working at Deloitte and other top firms.”

Networking is about giving back, and Santiago says he has discovered the perfect way to do so. A natural born connector, Santiago loves nothing more than making introductions for his network.

“Everytime I introduce myself to another student and they are looking for a job, I introduce them to someone I met on Shapr.”

For example, Santiago recently grabbed coffee with a Shapr match from Morgan Stanley who mentioned a few hiring needs. Santiago later introduced a female classmate from coed business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi who landed an interview as a result of his introduction.


Santiago joined Shapr in May 2016 and landed his dream internship two weeks later. He says that the app continues to be a part of his everyday routine:

“It’s part of my life. Every morning I have a coffee and use Shapr before class. I’m known as the Shapr guy on campus, because I am always talking about it to anyone who will listen.”

Join Santiago in adding Shapr to your everyday routine!

Shapr for iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shapr-connect-with-people-meetups-networking/id859091569

Shapr for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shapr

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