I’m a recruiter on Shapr. In three weeks, I’ve made four job offers and signed one new client.

It took exactly 37 conversations for Eugénie Chaltiel to discover her passion. Eugénie had just left a senior role in finance when 37 headhunters approached her, all offering opportunities for roles that were almost identical to the one she had just left. This lack of creativity in outsourced hiring inspired Eugénie to start High Flyers Agency, a recruitment firm with offices in Paris and San Francisco that focuses on finding interesting candidates you wouldn’t discover otherwise.

“There are two zones,” Eugénie explains. “Your comfort zone is the job you have been doing. Your potential zone is the job that will help you grow. I want to help people find opportunities that help them in both zones.”
Photo credit: High Flyers Agency

Operational since January 2016, High Flyers Agency has successful recruited candidates for 57 startups and major corporations. Eugénie says the biggest challenge is finding the right people.

“You can’t assess for culture fit from a CV. You have to meet people in person to find out if they have startup DNA and have the sub skills needed for a role.”

After hearing about Shapr from a friend, Eugénie downloaded the free networking app to start expanding her pool of potential candidates. Her results? In three weeks on Shapr, Eugénie has made four offers, closed two new hires, and signed one new company to High Flyers Agency.

“The people I talk to on Shapr are tech savvy. They’re easy to talk with. They’re alert about the startup environment and have purpose. This Shapr trend is awesome.”

Eugénie says she has been nonstop, talking with 5 people a day and meeting 14 people so far. She has also asked all other 7 women on her recruiting team to download the app.

“Shapr is the perfect way to meet qualified, mid to senior level professionals. People are excited I work in recruitment, because it’s always an opportunity for them.”

Eugénie’s pro tip? Get breakfast with your matches to start the day in a positive way, no matter the reason you’re networking on Shapr.

Swipe right on Eugénie to get in touch or email her at contact (at) highflyers.agency to discuss hiring or recruitment opportunities.

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