“Meeting like-minded professionals in my field inspires me.”

Jessica Grunenberg, Shapr member

Jessica Grunenberg, Journalist, NYC

Jessica has spent three years growing her network of reporters and news professionals while covering stories for a 24-hour news station. Her network of journalists also includes her fiancé, who she met in the journalism department at Ithaca College.

What prompted to you download Shapr?

My hope as a journalist is to write stories that inform and inspire people. However, my current role at a news network has me mostly covering crime and fires. While I know the type of stories I want to write, I am still figuring out the best way to get there. Shapr is a way for me to connect with creative professionals and learn more about their paths.

Who have you met so far?

In a few weeks on Shapr, I met two journalists with careers I admired who were totally open to giving me advice for shaping my own career. One journalist runs a publication called Conscious Magazine with his wife and sister-in-law and together they cover stories about positive change. He sent me the magazine after we talked, and I hope to collaborate with him in the future. I also connected with a journalist from Singapore who is based in New York and we had a really good phone call.

In both conversations, I connected with these journalists on the type of stories we want to tell. That’s what’s cool about Shapr. The conversation is easy because you already have things in common with the people you meet. It’s a likeminded network. Shapr rules out the time you usually waste in networking and introduces you to people with a purpose and mission that aligns with your narrative. I tried speed networking once, and I just find the value of this app to be much stronger.

What advice would you give when it comes to networking?

Be interested in the person more than their current role. The most refreshing conversations come from focusing on goals and priorities. Ask questions such as what are you looking to do and what do you hope to accomplish. Those are the conversations that will stick with you and help shape your own vision of where you want to go. Also, have fun! Meeting people with shared interests should feel inspiring and easy.

Feeling inspired?

Shapr is a mindful networking app that makes meeting new people seamless and meaningful. The goal behind the Shapr project is to make connecting with likeminded professionals easier, so people can spend less time looking for the right people to meet and more time talking with them.

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